What Is The Difference Between A Pram And A Pushchair?

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One question we hear quite frequently is “What is the difference between a pram and a pushchair?” Surely they both do theĀ  same thing and are just different words for exactly the same item, aren’t they?

Well the simple answer is yes… and no. Let me explain.

Essentially a baby pram is described as “an item for transporting a child that consists of a frame on four wheels that supports a small bed”. Typically, it looks similar to a traditional carrycot on wheels and is designed specifically for very young or newborn babies.

The opportunity to sleep horizontally is ideal for these very young children, and many designs of baby prams allow the carrycot to be lifted off the frame so that a sleeping child is not disturbed.

A Baby Pram

On the other hand pushchairs have a more upright style allowing a toddler to see what is happening around them. They can have either three or four sets of wheels (whereas a true pram always has four), and includes other derivatives such as strollers and baby buggies too.

A pram is most useful for babies up to about six months old, whereas many of the other styles can be used from birth, but are preferred by children who are between about six months and three years old, as it is sometimes difficult to keep the head and neck of a very young child supported adequately.

Pushchair styles tend to be less cumbersome and therefore easier to control, a factor that will become increasingly important in a crowded area such as a supermarket or a busy shopping centre of course. And they are often cheaper too.

Toddler Pushchair

To confuse the situation a little, there are also models that will convert from one style to the other, providing the ability to adapt as a toddler grows older while also being suitable for newborn babies as well. There is an obvious long term cost saving with these designs, although they tend to cost more in the first instance.

And of course there are also prams and pushchairs that will convert from front-facing to rear-facing layouts too.

You pay your money and you make your choice” as they say!

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